Create a Legacy

Create a Legacy

Your legacy is often not a choice between family and charity but between family and taxes.

With recent changes to the tax code, now is the perfect time to review your plan to ensure it achieves your goals to provide for family and to support your favorite charities. You might think providing a meaningful charitable legacy means asking your family to sacrifice its inheritance, but nothing could be further from the truth. The key to giving more to your family is to pay less in taxes. By including a charity like Messiah College in your plans, you can avoid or significantly reduce taxes while providing for your loved ones. You can also create a lasting charitable legacy by continuing your support for decades to come. Just a little planning can make a big difference.

Don't define your legacy by how much you paid in taxes, but by how well you cared for your family and continued your charitable works beyond your lifetime. We have simple, easy tools that can help you discover how to reduce taxes, increase income, and provide for your loved ones. Call 717-796-5069 or email for a free, no-obligation look at all we can do for you and your family.

With charitable planning:

• Capital gains taxes can be reduced or even eliminated with proper planning.

• You can support the causes important to you while providing for your family.

• The estate tax may be reduced or eliminated.

Messiah College would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you in our effort to build on our rich heritage and nurture a faith-based academic community that equips students to become agents of positive change in the world. By creating your legacy at Messiah College, you will help us fulfill that institutional calling for generations of future students.